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The Natalie Pop Studio invites the children and teenagers at the age of 4-20 years old, who wish to learn how to sing and to participate in interesting creative projects!

The main point of successful studying in the Natalie Pop Studio is that the students perceive the meaning of what they do and how they do it. Therefore, from the first classes we teach young performers not just sing, but think over the content of the song as well as over the way of singing: why in this way, but not in that way.

The correct and beautiful performance is achieved by mastering the vocal skills, using complex of respiratory exercises and correct singing. In fact, a performer has an opportunity to create and charm the audience with his performance only due to high level of vocal development.

The Natalie Pop Studio implements its activity in two directions: development and concert, which allows the participants of the studio to define their capabilities and desires.

Developing direction. At the classes a vocal coach works at the development of metro-rhythmic sense, hearing and voice coordination, forming of the correct singing breath (on the basis of phoniatric complex of pharyngeal and breathing exercises).

The developing education may be implemented in a group as well as in an individual form.

Concert direction.  The educational process is aimed at achieving the highest professional results in the pop performance field: setting pop manner of singing, development of the performing capabilities of the students, creation of an authorial individual repertoire and stage image. All the soloists have an opportunity to participate in pop concerts, contests, festivals (international and republican), participate in professional show-projects, TV-programs, to record CDs and DVDs, and to shoot music videos.

The training takes place individually.

The training in the studio is charged.

Those who wish to attend the Natalie Pop Studio can sign up for a trial by the phone number: (029) 636 83 30 (Velcom)

Welcome to the Natalie Pop Studio!


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  • We invite you to take part


  • Партнер конкурса
  • We invite you to take part
  • Партнер конкурса
  • We invite you to take part
  • Партнер конкурса
  • We invite you to take part
  • Партнер конкурса
  • Партнер конкурса
  • Партнер конкурса


E-mail: info@natali-studio.com