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Hi, Earthmen!

I’m Dasha Golovchik. I’m 15 years old.

When I was 3 years old I sang the song of Alsou, and I was dressed in the costume of frog. I think, it was the very moment when desire to become a singer appeared. And if to be more precise, I want to be not just a simple singer, but a versatile singer, like Madonna. 
Why I want to become a singer? It’s easy to answer.

Several times I tried to quit music, to find a new hobby, but nothing gave me such pleasure.

And I came back to music. I want to become a great singer.

I’m inspired by Lady Gaga. To my mind, the real singer should be just like she is. I like the art of Tokio Hotel, Taylor Momsen, Miley Cyrus, Rihannah and Britney Spears. And I adore Adam Lambert for an admirable singing and perseverance.

I do love America and in three years I will go there to enter the New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. This city attracts me with its endless flow of energy, with the desire of people, who come there, to achieve their goals. I’m inspired by the constant struggle for the place. Gaga said once: “Believe and work hard, and your dreams will come true!”

In the Natalie Pop Studio everybody helps me to go towards my dream and they never tell me the word “impossible”. Mrs. Natalia Skopets composes wonderful music to my lyrics, and as a result, we create beautiful songs which, perhaps, may once be heard across America and Europe!

I like all my songs and it’s difficult for me to choose the one.  Every song was written in a certain period of life.  The events, which are described in it, have influenced me.  My songs…it’s my diary, it’s private. But the dominant song in my repertoire is “Not The Same”. It characterizes me as a person.

I’m sure that despite all disappointments and failures one has to be strong. Character cannot be hardened in silence and piece. We can strengthen a spirit, find a goal and score a success through trials only. Just have faith in yourself!

With my best friend Dasha Nadina I shoot the show, which is called “Dasha & Dasha show!” and post the videos on You Tube. I post Twitter messages and have blog in the internet: http://personalwunderland.blogspot.com. I have a very smart and devoted dog. I believe in my strength and I live under the motto:”There are no unachievable goals. There is a high rate of laziness, lack of gumption and a stock of excuses.”

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Дарья Головчик

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Дарья Головчик

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