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Irina Bondar


Hi, my name is Irina Bondar.

My friends just call me Ira. I am 13 years old, I'm a student of the 7th grade in Gymnasium № 3, Lyahovichi.

My favorite subjects are Belarusian, Russian and German I also like PE and Handy crafts. I'm not very fond of Literature, but sometimes there are books that are really captivating, and it is difficult to put them aside until you are through with them, for example Alpine Ballad by Vasil Bykov.

In the future I want to become an interpreter. I think this is a very interesting profession, because you can go to different countries. I am learning German and have already been to Germany in Speyer. I really liked it: there are many beautiful buildings and interesting sights. I want to go there again, and I’m going to visit other cities in the future.

I love watching movies. My favorites are House of Anubis and H2O. As for music I prefer to listen to pop and Maxim and Selena Gomez are my favorite artists.

I like to study at The Natalie Pop Studio. Here I am taught how to sing, and soon I will perform on stage. My favorite song is Distant Dream. I believe that the most important qualities for a singer are purposefulness, responsibility and willingness to learn. For the first time I performed in front of the audience at the age of 9 and I loved it so much!

In addition to my classes at The Natalie Pop Studio I study drawing at the Art School. I follow my daily routine and that’s why I find time to all my activities.

I hope that being a student of The Natalie Pop Studio will help me make new friends and attend many interesting events.


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  • We invite you to take part
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  • We invite you to take part
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