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Very often, parents bring their child to the studio not only to develop their vocal skills, discover their talents, but also for their creative promotion as artists.

Musical producing, or producing of music project is a complex and multileveled process that requires great efforts and a lot of time from a producer, as a creative and managerial figure.

Producer is a figure that organizes the whole project, forms the fourth stage of show business granite, called management (the first three are the art, the economics, and the law). Thus, the producer is the organizer of different levels of creative events, processes, and facts.

Producer’s activities have specific directions, relations, and particularity. His tasks include direct both production of musical material (presence in the recording studio, on set, coordination of the pavilion rent or equipment) and deciding any financial and other matters, working with staff, higher-level authorities, etc.

Artist should realize that he does not have the knowledge to promote the project. Musicians who believe that in the process of development, they will be able to fulfill the producer’s functions and do something themselves, should have a set of knowledge and skills that will enable them to do this.

Natalia Skopets has been producing, as the leader of the Natalie Pop Studio for 8 years. And since 2010, she has been offering her services to all who want to promote their children or youngsters from her own experience.

She renders the following services:

  • sound-producing;
  • creative producing;
  • composing individual repertoire;
  • creating a performer’s harmonic image (image making);
  • organizing photo sessions (studio and field photo sessions) and support;
  • staging concerted items and  programs;
  • recording songs/albums;
  • shooting music video;
  • organizing PR-campaigns;
  • working with mass media;
  • rights administration;
  • web site starting-up, its stuffing and maintenance;
  • organizing participation and supporting performer during castings, contents, and festivals.

If you use the services of the producer Natalia Skopets and of her creative team, you rely on her professional knowledge, practice and possibilities, on close attention to every small detail in technical and creative implementation of your music project or a performer.

Services are provided on a fee charged basis.


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  • We invite you to take part
  • Партнер конкурса
  • We invite you to take part
  • Партнер конкурса
  • We invite you to take part
  • Партнер конкурса
  • Партнер конкурса
  • Партнер конкурса


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