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The success of each performer consists not only of his manner of singing, but also in how it sounds. Ideal sound of any song depends on the producer.

Sound-producer (or music producer) is a person who is responsible for musical style of a performer and for the recording process.

Sound producer is a reputable person who has his own vision and, thus, helps make a record correctly. Knowing what is going on in contemporary music, he knows how to make a product of high quality, and how to integrate the material that the author has created with the singer’s abilities. Sound producer makes a song to be a song.

There is such a term as the song "before clothing," i.e., before the final arrangements and mixing. In the process of "dressing" the work it may occur that a sound producer has not yet participated in its creation.

The task of a sound producer is to notice the speaker's voice and sound, to emphasize something that is necessary for success, and to create his style and form. If the author does not have his own style, if all his songs are different, then this artist will be unlikely chosen by a listener, although he will show that he can work in different music styles. The most important thing is to find a common style that will be understandable to the listener. This choice of style depends on a sound producer. A unique vocal should be recognizable.

The work of a sound producer is very important for those performers who are often the authors of their own songs. Cooperation of a beginning singer-songwriter with a sound producer determines how the song will look stylistically, who will create the arrangements and, finally, what will be the record of the f+1 song in the result.

A performer, a singer should never begin on something that he does not know, he should not explain a sound-producer something he does not understand.

The head of the Natalie Pop Studio Natalia Skopets, has extensive experience of producing song records for children, youngsters and adults. Natalia and her team spend a lot of time in the studio, working on the sound of audio material. Knowledge of the market let them solve the problems together with sound engineers, making the audio material bright. Natalia works with professional recording studios, and she controls the process of track recording from beginning to end.

Natalia Skopets writes music (and sometimes lyrics) for most of the songs of the studio, she can help children, youngsters, adults as well as the authors of their own songs. She has experience in such work.

Authors often imagine how their sound track must sound, but they do not always know how to make this. This is the task of sound-producing.

Natalia Skopets offers the following services on sound-producing:

  • creating song project;
  • creating arrangements in accordance with the song project;
  • recording song;
  • recording vocal;
  • mixing musical material;
  • mastering.

Is a sound producer so important? It's up to each individual. But it should be mentioned that the material processed by a sound-producer, always has greater success, both on radio and on TV.

Services are provided on a fee charged basis.


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