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The Natalia Education and Production Centre is the organizer of the creative projects in the field of art: the music project “Our Dreams”, the show-project “Inspiration”, the music-project “Present Children with a Dream”, the international art contest “Star Flowers”, the annual charity campaign "Present Children with a Dream", Christmas concert and interactive programs for children and parents, national qualifying competition "Belarusian Pearl" in 2014 and 2015.

What is unique about our projects and competitions:

1. Post competition support (the best contest and project participants receive an invitation from Natalia Skopets to the leading international competitions and festivals free of charge, under the condition of partial or full financing. They also participate in the new projects and campaigns carried out by the Natalia Skopets Education and Production Center, in the TV and radio broadcasts, interviews and photo shootings).

2. Opportunity to work on the big stage with the best performers of the Belarusian and Russian pop. Attending the workshops, where professionals in the fields of music, dance, fashion, and other areas share their knowledge and experience.

3. The winners of our projects and contests get the best prizes and rewards. (The absolute winner of the II Music project “Present Children with a Dream” was presented with a new song, as well as its recording in the studio and a music video shooting).

The projects carried out by the Natalia Skopets Education and Production Center are of a great interest not only in the Republic of Belarus, but also abroad.

  • A successful music project “Present Children with a Dream”, which exists till the present day, was awarded with a grant by the Minsk City Executive Committee and diploma of the International Charity Fund “Our Future” (Russia) as “The Best Music Project” in 2011.
  • In the annual charity campaign “Present Children with a Dream” which took place in May 2015, was attended by a record number of celebrities of the Belarusian and Russian pop stage: a finalist of the TV project "I Want to Meladze" Artyom Shalimov (Russia), a singer Herman, Georgy Koldun, Sergei Lapkovsky, singer Janet, Ray (Russia), Olga Satsiuk, Dmitry Kaminsky, Alesya Boyarskikh, Eugeniy Slutsky, Roman Voloznev, Alen Hit, Alex Gross. All the singers performed together with the finalists of the I and II music project "Present Children with a Dream".
  • The international art contest “Star Flowers” is a member of the world association of festivals WAF. The director of the international festival of arts “Slavic bazaar in Vitebsk” Alexander Sidorenko has become the president of WAF. Grand Prix winner, laureates and winners of the contest obtain the right to participate in the international festivals and competitions at the organizers’ expenses (under the condition of full or partial funding) in Russia, Macedonia, Serbia, Israel, Slovenia, Spain, Germany, the Czech Republic and other countries. Also, they are able to perform at the “Slavic bazaar”. The receipt of applications started on the 1st August, 2015.

A minute of fame should be for everyone!

We believe in it!


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  • Партнер конкурса
  • We invite you to take part
  • Партнер конкурса
  • We invite you to take part
  • Партнер конкурса
  • We invite you to take part
  • Партнер конкурса
  • Партнер конкурса
  • Партнер конкурса


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