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“Flowers are like children and children are like flowers:
they claim love and warmth, light and kindness.
To be the head of the children's pop studio
is a very honorable and responsible mission.
It implies to spark a light in every child’s soul
to warm him, to fill his life with meaning
and let him carry this light as a symbol of faith,
hope and charity through all his life...”
N. Skopets

Natalia Skopets is the head of the Natalie Pop Studio, the vocal coach of the highest category, Master of Education, composer, singer and producer.

Natalia Skopets graduated Baranovichi College of Music, Belarusian State Pedagogical University named after M.Tank, faculty of Music Education, she is the Bachelor and Master of Education. She is the author of numerous articles, methodological researches in vocal pedagogy.

Natalia Skopets won a grant of Minsk City Executive Committee for creative achievements of 2003-2004, the winner of the international contest “Maladzichok” in the nomination “The Best Vocal Coach” (2005), the diploma winner of the international contest “Maladzichok” in the nomination “For Pedagogical Skills” (2007), the diploma winner of the international contest of contemporary performers “Music Sprint” for high pedagogical skills (2007), the diploma winner of the international contest “European Cup” for high pedagogical skills (2009), the diploma winner of the international contest “Golden Phoenix” for pedagogical skills and contribution to the development of children and youth art (2011).

More than 20 years Natalia Skopets has been a vocal coach, she masters an original system of articulatory-pharyngeal, breathing and vocal exercises, as she pays much attention to breathing of her students.

In 2003 she opened the Natalie Pop Studio where talented children and youngsters from 4 to 20 years old study.

Natalia Skopets believes that the child is usually interested in doing something to what he feels a call at some deep level. And if you want to raise a talented child, you should give him freedom of expression, broaden his mind, enrich him with emotional experiences, talk to him, and what is the most important – love him. Because only in the atmosphere of security and warmth, a child can reveal himself and perform freely.

For each studio singer Natalia Skopets, as a composer, creates a unique repertoire, takes into account his vocal abilities, age and individual characteristics. She teaches a young performer to act on the stage and use his voice.

Natalia Skopets produces children and youngsters, prepare them for the professional “adult” stage.

It is a large amount of complex work that involves vocal training, creating lively concerted items in cooperation with professional choreographers, stylists, designers, media interviews, broadcasts on radio and television, PR-management of a young performer.

Therefore Natalia Skopets holds to an opinion that the most important thing is not to put pressure on a child, even if he is very talented vocally. You shouldn’t make him believe that he has the only way - to the stage. Her students can successfully realize their potential in other activities, and music will remain their hobby. And it's great, isn’t it?

Apart from everything else, Natalia Skopets is the official representative of the International Charitable Fund "Our Future" in the Republic of Belarus.

More information on the activities of Natalia Skopets you can read in the sections of the site.


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